Fake It 'Til You Make It Naked Cake With Flowers!

This is my first Naked Cake!

I began working for a wedding florist a few months ago and let me tell you, 
more than half the events I have done have had some version of a naked cake.

Just for those people who do not know what the heck a naked cake is...
A naked cake is a cake that is lightly frosted on the outside. It looks more rustic and is often decorated with flowers, berries or other natural elements.

So how did I end up making my first naked cake?
My family has this thing we do... we make homemade versions of our favorite cakes. 
Some turn out better than others, but it is fun and we love trying to come up with fun ideas!
I was charged with the responsibility of making a cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower.

The actual cake was soooo simple!
Just remember this is a fake it til you make it cake, 
so I will give tips and what I did, but there is no recipe because you are using 
Boxed Cake!

Things you will need:

- 1 box of cake mix with all ingredients listed on back... just read your box, it's there
- mixing bowl & mixer or just a good ole wisk.
- 9" round baking pans
- cake stand/ display of your choosing.
- 2 premade containers of frosting, white
- an icing spatula and a kitchen tool that has a long flat edge
- Flowers
- Optional, willow wreath

There is not much to the cake...

Make the boxed cake batter as directed. 

 I made 3 layers for my cake so it would be a nice height.
Depending on how thick you want the layers you could add an additional box of cake mix and make it as directed. 

HINT: Choose whatever flavor you want, but understand that if it is a funny color it may show through on the sides. I got strawberry, so the middle would be pink. I was actually surprised that the outsides browned enough to not see the color outside!

I only had one 9" baking pan so I baked each layer seperate, but obviously you can avoid that by having more pans. One at a time took forever and if you look closely at the picture my cake is leaning a bit in the back because I didn't grease one of the pans and the cake broke when it came out of the pan. Rookie move!

HINT: Bake the cakes until the outside is a little browner than usual. Just leave it in for a couple more minutes, watch to make sure you are not burning it! If the outside is a little browner it will hold up when you are frosting and give it a good outer color. 

Cool your cakes completely before frosting!

Take your bottom layer and place it on your cake stand or whatever you are displaying it on.
You will use 1 can of frosting for the inside layers and 1 for the outside.

Blob about half the can of frosting on top of the first layer. Spread it evenly, but don't worry if it goes a bit over the edge on the sides. Place next cake on and repeat, again letting it come out on the sides a bit, but making it as even as possible on top. Then place the last cake layer on top.

Now for the outer layer of frosting!

Take the second can of frosting and blob a little over half onto the top of the cake.
Spread evenly letting it go over edges a bit, but creating a smooth top surface. 
The reason I say blob the frosting is because it spreads better if there is more as opposed to doing a little at a time and you will avoid getting cake crumbs mixed in with the frosting.

Now for the edges... it is simple I promise.

Go around the outside of the cake with a spatula or flat kitchen tool. Smooth down all the frosting that has been hanging over edges and try to make it as smooth around as possible.
I added a bit of frosting to my smoothing tool and gave it a touch more on the sides.
The key here is to have a super light layer of frosting so you can see the cake underneath. You can also see the thick frosting layers in between the cake.  

Now to decorate!

I found this super cute willow wreath at the dollar store and decided to slide it over my cake. 
That is optional, but make sure that if you are going out to buy this, you measure it before you bring it home. For me it was just a fortunate accident that the wreath fit so well!

I bought 3/$12 flowers at Publix and chose Tea Roses, Hydrengia, and I really don't know what the pink berry things are, but they were wild looking and I loved them! Choose any flowers you like. I would go with a flower, a filler, and something spriggy.

Clip the flower stems to a couple inches long and just stick the end in the cake.
I may do a post later on how to put flowers on a cake, there is a few methods to doing it, but for now... just have fun decorating!
Flowers look best when they are assymetrical and not directly in the center.

I hope you enjoyed my Fake It 'Til You Make It Naked Cake With Flowers!


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