Getting Out of the Lularoe Funk and Rediscovering My Fashion Identity

The year was 2016.

     My youngest daughter was one year old and my body was not quite recovered from the weight gain of pregnancy. My clothes don't fit and I was way past the point of wearing my comfy maternity clothes. (no judgments know you did it too!)  
     An old friend sent me a Facebook invite to join her LuLaRoe group. That was the first time I had ever heard of the clothing brand. The concept of this brand was pretty simple. Their slogan is "Simply Comfortable" and little did I know how true this was until I purchased my first pair of leggings and a shirt to match! 
     The buying process was fun! Scrolling through the photos in the group, the first one to comment sold got it! The prints were cute and hunting for your favorite prints was appealing to me. As I got more into the idea of LuLaRoe, the more groups I joined and the more unique prints I bought.

     Info Break...LuLaRoe is one of those small businesses that I would compare to Origami Owl, Avon, Paparazzi, etc. The people who sell LuLaRoe do not get to choose the prints they carry. They buy the clothing at a discounted rate and resell it for a profit.

     My first LuLaRoe order totaled $60! I tried on my new clothes and was totally in love with how they felt. Buttery soft leggings and a "Perfect" t-shirt. That was the beginning of a clothing obsession. Over the next year I purchased nearly 30 pieces of clothing at full price.

 I have always been a thrifty person, but my judgement went out the window

     For some reason spending $25 on a pair of leggings was not an issue as long as I got a cute print that was hard to find. I started buying my kids clothes, which cost very similar to the adult's clothing. All four girls had matching LuLaRoe dresses for Easter. I even bought my husband a shirt, which kind of became a running joke because of the name "LuLaBro", that referred to the men's clothing. I asked for Leggings for Christmas and my birthday. It all seemed fine, but looking back at it, I was out of control! 

Don't get me wrong, I am all for treating myself, but it was just too much!

     Eventually, local LuLaRoe consultants started donating their worst sellers to thrift stores. I was told it was to assist with taxes that needed to be paid at the end of the year. I swooped in and started buying it up. It was some relief on my wallet, and my desire to buy new LuLaRoe was satisfied.

2016-2018 was a time of hardships, milestones, and re-discovery of myself. 

Fast forward to 2018.

     Approximately 80% of my closet was made up of LuLaRoe clothing. I had a closet full of what I call my "Stay-at-home mom clothes". I was content with the comfort, but the thought of thousands of women, owning the exact same style of clothes in different prints began to bother me. Everywhere I looked, someone was wearing LuLaRoe!

It made me feel less like an individual and more like a group participant.

     I decided to go back to college the Summer of 2018. Leave it to an encounter with a younger crowd to show you how important individuality can be. 

     I began wanting to find different pieces that were more flattering, more edgy, more exciting. Things with exciting necklines, different fabrics, fun embellishments!
What i hadn't realized was that I had no clue how to dress my body type and was resorting to the one size fits most mentality of LuLaRoe! 

What a freeing revelation! 

     I started loving my body, loving my curves, and enjoying the hunt for clothing that was unique to my style.  I decided that even though I may spend twice as much on a pair of good jeans, they make me feel better and stay together longer than my favorite pair of leggings. I began passing up the leggings at the thrift store and started enjoying the other options. I have found my favorite jeans made by Torrid and found them at a discounted price, which was more exciting than finding a crazy legging print. 

     Though I still lounge around in my LuLaRoe clothing at home and wear some of my crazier prints when I help with the preschool at church, I have come a long way in style over the past year!

I have discovered the importance of looking good and feeling more confident as a result. 

     It may seem shallow to you reading this. I am not saying that everyone should focus solely on their appearance. I know that there are many women who stay at home and get into a rut that eventually starts swallowing up their identity and shoves them into thinking that a mom is all they are. If someone would have told me that I would loose my sense of self after becoming a stay at home parent, I would have laughed. It's just a reality that I experienced first hand. 

For me a little style change has gone a long way.