Elf on the Shelf 2018: Ellie and Buddy Are Back!

Our family's elves have come back for another year of 🎄 Shenanigans!🎄

Before I start I want to say that this is a kid friendly post and you are welcome to share our elves adventures with your family! Parents, I have included links underneath some of my photos of other elves who have inspired ours to do the funny things they do. 
I will be updating this post weekly!

When it comes to our elves Ellie and Buddy...
They are fun and goofy and do more adventuring than destroying, 
even though getting into things is just in their nature, I can't blame them for that!
I have never officially introduced our Elf on the Shelf friends to the world,
so here is a little back story on them...

🎄 Ellie came to us in 2013. She was a tree decorator in Macy's and did an awesome job,🎄 
      but really wanted to have a family of her own. She has had a blast at our house, except 
      for the time that all the Elsa toys froze her with their ice magic! 
      Even my kids were upset over that one!
🎄 Buddy hails from the Target tree decorating crew and was Ellie's apprentice.🎄  
     He loved our house so much that he has been here for three years! 
     We named him after the character Buddy in our favorite holiday movie "Elf"! 
Both elves always arrive the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. 
They help Santa load up the presents Christmas Eve, so they must head to the North Pole on the night of December 23. 🎅
Now that you are acquainted, here is what our silly elves have done so far...

Day 1

My husband's birthday happened to fall on Black Friday this year so when everyone woke up, we discovered that Ellie and Buddy had blown up red and green Christmas colored balloons!!! Everyone had a blast bopping the balloons around!

Day 2
                                                                                  Things got a bit Creepy!
These little Creepers stayed up all night playing Minecraft and even built a Christmas tree!

Day 3

  Ellie and Buddy hid in our silverware drawer! It took the kids a little while to find them because we didn't eat breakfast at home. We discovered them around lunch time!

Day 4

Out for a little climb... 
up the piano!
Ellie and Buddy are so smart! 
Taping their hands to the candy canes so that if they freeze, 
they won't fall!

I am so excited to see what they do next! Keep visiting this post to see updated pictures of our elves!