Summer Break is Over, You Get Your House Back Now!

I Mopped My Walls! 
Yes... You read that right... 
I Mopped My Walls!

Summer is over and now it is finally time to get my house back. The simple fact that I had to mop my walls, is just a small insight into what summer vacation does to my house. If don't already know, I am a stay at home mom and I have three
children ages 3, 7, and 9 going on 16. 
Our typical summer plays out as follows:

Mom (me): "Finally, I get to sleep in!"
Kids: "Finally, we get to stay up late and
           wake Mom up early!"
Mom: "I think I am going to have my kids
            work on these workbooks and read
            everyday. They are going to be
           so much smarter at the beginning of
           the school year!"
Kids: "Screw Moms idea of workbooks and reading. We are going
           to complain until she gives up and just lets us go watch
Mom: "I'm going to stock up on snacks and easy microwave 
            things so the kids can make some stuff on their own for
            breakfast and lunch."
Kids: "It's a food fest!" (My seven year old actually told my
           grandmothers this)
Mom: "I am going to emphasize allowance and give them more 
            chances to earn money by doing extra things around the
Kids: "Fool, I don't clean for no one." (extra reading is really
           helping their grammar, as you can see!)
Mom: "I am going crazy! Apparently the beginning of June is my
            limit. I am seriously going crazy!" (actual quote)
Mom: "Why the hell do school supplies cost so much!" 

The dialogue could go on and on.

All kidding aside, we really did have a great summer. I loved spending time with my kids! We vacationed with friends in North Carolina. We spent lots of time with family. We lounged around. We planted things. We went to parks and birthday parties. We went to the beach. Swimming and eating ice cream were frequent happenings. Play dates with friends and just plain relaxing topped it all off! 
I even went back to school and Aced my English class!
However, now comes the real peace. 
My big kids are in school learning and socializing.
My little one is having fun having Mom to herself
and I kicked the school year off with mopping the walls!

So congrats to all you awesome moms and dad's. We did it! Another summer vacation for the books. 
Enjoy having your house, your refrigerator, your television and your sanity back!