Murder, Mystery, & One Dysfunctional Family: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, A Short Book Review & Reaction

My slightly tattered copy of  Sharp Objects.

Darkly Dysfunctional. 
If I could choose a phrase to describe this book it would be darkly dysfunctional.

Everyday for about a week  straight, while searching for shows on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, 
the preview for HBO series Sharp Objects auto-played at the top of my television screen.
It looked like something I would be interested in. I love murder mysteries, dark stories, anything weird or twisted. There was one problem...
I don't have HBO!
Fast forward to the next week...
While shopping for back to school clothes we stopped by the bathroom at Barnes & Noble,
(my children must go to the bathroom at least three times while we are at the mall)
There it was again...

Sharp Objects : A Novel by Gillian Flynn
I am not a big book reader, but I am trying to read more. 
It was basically being shoved in my face, so I gave in and bought it. 
I figured it would be more detailed than the television series, so I win!

************Spoiler Alert!!!************

I am going to do my best not to spoil much of the story, because I hate that! 
I may reveal a bit of the story, so if you really don't want any heads up, then scroll down and share this post to spoil it for others. I will not spoil the ending!

Okay, now back to the topic at hand.
I love mystery and thriller books!
The beginning of the book drew me in. 

Camille Preaker, a reporter in Chicago, is assigned to  
write about a murder case unfolding in her small, gossipy, hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri.
Camille has a haunted past and let me just say...
  Being raised by her deranged mother definitely didn't help.

The odd traits and stories about the characters unfold as you read in an intertwining and twisted story.  
As one murder turns into two, turns into three, turns into four, I was pulled in by the main character's detailed point of view.
 It was hard to put this book down!
The emotions that Gillian Flynn, the author, invoked through her writing, were crazy! 
While reading I felt curious, shocked, intrigued, disgusted, mad, confused, shocked, disgusted again, worried, sad, then finally at ease and right back to mad... with many other feelings in between!

Reading this as a mother was everything!

 I think I was more drawn in because of it. 
The initial murder, the one that Camille was sent to report on, was of a girl about the age of my oldest daughter. I felt the pain of the family and it kind of freaked me out. 
Camille's mother was a mother of three girls, and so am I.
I really despised Camille's mother, Adora.

On a side note, to anyone that has read this story, I love that her mother's name was Adora. 
Adore means to love someone deeply and that's what she was after the whole time!

In the end, I was confident I knew who did it, and then was completely wrong!

I was excited to read a twist ending. I am a huge fan of twist endings!

I feel I have already said to much, without really saying much about the story at all!
 Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was dark and deranged and had a great murder mystery story! 
I was a bit surprised to find out that this was written in 2006 and re-released because of the HBO series.
I wish I would have read it sooner!
I would 100% recommend this book, but be aware, it is pretty dark and disturbing.