Date Night at East End Market in Orlando, FL : DOMU Modern Asian Restaurant

3201 Corinne Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

A 5 star rated date night in the books!
Frankly, because date nights are rare, I rate them all 5 stars. My husband and I have been on a "try new things on date night" kick for a while and I am on a mission to share our findings with everyone!   

     We live about 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, Fl. There are so many options for date nights in the city and all around Orlando. Exploring those options is a good way to experience new things, find new favorite places, and create new memories together.

     Before our date, I had never heard of East End Market or the restaurant DOMU. My husband has a friend at work who always texts him photos of food. Why? I don't know. After a few food texts from DOMU, and a raving review articulated to my husband, at work, we decided to try it out.

DOMU is a modern Asian restaurant that is known for their authentic Ramen and tasty cocktails. 

     Now, I know what you are thinking... what could possibly be so exciting, it's just Ramen.
I'm going to shut you down right now! They make their own noodles and use fresh ingredients. Their Ramen isn't even in the same universe as the Maruchan Ramen that you have a love/hate relationship with.

     According to their website, , they "... do not do take out as requested by the chef to maintain the integrity and quality of the food." The quality of their food is excellent in my opinion! This brings me to another statement on their website. Something that is really good to know before you even think about eating there. "Please note that we do not accept reservations or call-aheads for equal opportunity dining; first come, first serve basis." If you are going on the weekend, just be prepared. The wait will be long! Don't be discouraged there are things to do while you wait!

     We failed on our first trip to eat at DOMU.
     We weren't prepared to wait an hour and a half to eat! Our second attempt was more successful because we were mentally prepared.  We arrived and went directly to the front desk to get our name on the waiting list. Our wait was 2 hours and they handed us a pager, #55. They also use an app that tells you how long you have waited and the wait times for the parties ahead of you. The wait time was almost exact, if you were wondering. They also request that your party is 6 people or less. The reason for this is that their dining room is small, very small.

If waiting 2 hours seems a bit much, let me explain why it is more than okay!

Full Bar at DOMU Orlando, Fl

     We snagged two seats at their bar located right inside the doors. They have a full bar and some really interesting cocktails on the menu! We ordered two fancy drinks each at the bar and spent some time people watching. I did notice that some people were eating at the bar. I'm not sure if you can order from the full menu at the bar, but you can definitely order appetizers. We wanted the full experience, but I figure it is worth mentioning. 
     The drinks were fancy and priced about $8 and up. Date night is sometimes splurge night, we treat ourselves! We each ordered different drinks and taste tested them! They were fancy compared to the basic drinks I would normally order and it was fun exploring different flavors!

Lychee Martini & Honeydew Me
     After hanging at the bar for a while we had a lot of time left to wait! We decided to walk down to a music store, a few blocks down the street, that we used to frequent in high school called Park Ave CD's. We walked around, goofed off, and decided to return our original location to explore East End Market. It is a quaint building that boasts a handful of small local businesses. Some things you may find within include a bakery, cold pressed juice, homemade sauces, a plant shop, a wine and local craft beer bar, fresh organic coffee, handmade items. Basically very hip, modern, natural, and trendy things!

East End Market Entrance
Inside the doors of East End Market

     We decided to get one more drink before going to eat. We were at the 100 min mark and only had about 20 minutes until we were supposed to be seated. I ordered a grapefruit juice mimosa, my husband got a craft beer, and we went and sat at picnic tables outside overlooking their edible garden that they have onsite. The garden was quite over grown and I really wanted to go and prune some of the plants. It was pretty neat to see the edible flowers and, on a side note, I really wanted to try them! 
Time flew by and we were enjoying each other's company. East End Market is small, but it is packed with character. 

We pulled up DOMU's menu online and decided what we were going to order ahead of time. 

     Their full menu isn't very big and all of the prices are posted on their website, which makes me love them even more! When our buzzer went off, we still had our drinks. They allowed us to bring them with us, which was nice because we didn't have to order drinks with our dinner. They also had cold water waiting for us on the table. 

     At a glance their dining area is not really special. Very simplistic. Small tables and some cool art on the back wall. Modern, kind of. I don't know, I am reviewing my date more than their restaurant's atmosphere. We were there for the food, anyway. I think that the area's outside the dining area were a lot more interesting. You could see inside the kitchen, which is always pretty cool. 

We didn't have to wait long while our food was prepared and when it came we were very impressed!

Richie Rich (bottom) & Uni Mazemen (top)
     You could taste the freshness. The meat was melt in your mouth and everything was very flavorful! I opted for the one with a butter sauce and it was very good, but after tasting my husband's I decided that his was much better! Oh and by the way, no forks here people. Chopsticks all the way! It adds an authentic Asian feel to your meal and I always feel more accomplished finishing my meal with chopsticks. My hands were stronger as a result.

Our date lasted about 3 hours and then it was time to pick up our kids!

     Overall, I would recommend East End Market and DOMU for a date night. I am a sucker for little places like this! If you are prepared for the wait and know what to expect it is much more enjoyable! Of coarse the company of my husband was a huge factor in making this a fun and interesting date night. We were forced to explore and converse to kill the time, which was great for us! We got to slow down and just enjoy our time together. 

In the end we were more relaxed, were full from our amazing meals, and super excited that we had discovered a new place together.