Healing Through Art: My Visual Diary Project for 2017

2017 was a very difficult year for me and my family.

I'm going to be "Real" for a moment.

It's hard to put last year in a nutshell, but this is the best I can do. 
There was just so much going on!

I was struggling with depression and was put on medication. 
(which I no longer need, yay!)
My husband had an affair at the beginning of the year 
with someone I have known since childhood 
who lives a few houses down from us. 
As a result of that we lost some good friends.
My husband was asked to step back from his 
worship leader position and we decided to leave the church.
We saw two different therapists 
and had individual and marriage counselling.
Our kids suffered, 
Our whole family was hurting and to top it off 
we got behind on our bills and were struggling financially as well. 

To sum it up, Last year sucked!

At the very beginning of the year, a friend of mine told me that I needed to paint. 
I really wanted to paint something original. 
I started this painting and it turned into a very useful coping tool!

 I started writing in a diary and talked to so many people that were close to me. 
Every time I couldn't express myself or I felt strong emotion that was overwhelming,
I would pull out my painting and make changes to it.
It also gave me a sense of control when I felt like my life was out of control.
I probably worked on it ten times throughout the year.

Looking at it all now, I can see every emotional shift I went through. 
You may look at it and see a mess, which would accurately depict my 2017. 
I see hurt, anger, confusion, depression, darkness, new growth, teamwork, and hope.

In other words, I painted my heart out!

It's no masterpiece, but it was just one tool I used to heal and grow.
I am excited to start a new one for 2018.
This year has been great so far and hopefully my project will be a bit brighter!

 It was an eye-opener for me and when I look at this 
I get a sense of pride and strength.
I made it through the year from hell.
 Even though in the moment I felt like everything was hopeless, 
I made it through!
I would encourage everyone that enjoys being creative to try this!

I want to add one more bit of info.
I was fortunate to have people around me that encouraged me 
and uplifted me through my lowest of lows.

If you ever feel in distress and feel like there is no where to turn
 or if you are worried about someone close to you there is a number you can call.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

They give 24/7 free and confidential support to people in distress, 
prevention and crisis resources for you and your loved ones.

No one is alone in this world.