Fake It 'Till You Make It DIY Unicorn Cake Mom Hack!

For my first post of 2018 I thought I would do a DIY!

This DIY doesn't have Step by Step photos.
It is pretty simple and if you have any questions please refer to the photo above.

I will try to keep it short and sweet!

My soon to be 3 year old wanted a
for her birthday.

She is a January baby and I really wanted to give her at least one thing that she asked for, 
in addition to that potty chair that we will be putting to good use in the near future!

Now I completely blame YouTube and my two older daughters for this request. 
They like to watch many things on YouTube,
including but not limited to cake making videos.
If you are not familiar with this, 
these are videos where the YouTuber makes cakes shaped like animals
and other interesting things, all while playing fun kids music. 
I know the cake my little one was referring to.

A beautiful white and pastel fondant cake with sweet flowing pink, purple, and blue hair, a golden horn with pink lined ears, and sweet closed big eye-lashed eyes!

My daughter was turning 3. 
Some moms would bend over backwards and try to make that cake. 
Lets face it. A three year old doesn't really care, at least I knew mine wouldn't!

So here are the steps to make this

Fake it 'till you make it

Supply List:
- Pre-made round cake of desired size, color, and flavor. I used a small round cake
that already had sprinkles around the outside. It was the perfect colors!
- 1 box of pointy waffle ice cream cones. For head and ears.
- Bag of Airheads Xtreames Rainbow Berry Sour Candy. For hair.
-1 can of Wilton's Gold Color Mist Shimmering Food Color Spray.
-Paper, Scissors, & a Black Marker
- Small Tube of Gel frosting

1. Open your store bought cake and place it on your desired serving tray or stand.

2. Spray one waffle cone with the gold color spray, to make the horn, set aside.

3. Break the tips off of two cones, break small pieces in the front to form the ears and spray those            with gold spray. 

4. Place the "Horn" on the top middle of your cake, pressing down slightly into the frosting.

5. Position the "ears" on each side of the horn.

6. Place the Airheads sour candies in between the ears and horn, behind, and in front.
    Twist them into spirals and press the ends to the frosting on the cake to hold them in place.
    You could use the gel frosting to stick them in place too!

7. On paper draw the eyes and cut them out with scissors. 

8. Use the gel frosting to stick the eyes on the front of the cake. 
   (Make sure no one eats them when you serve the cake!)

That's really it! I had fun putting this together! 
Realize that your cake will not look exactly like mine, 
unless you get the exact things I used.
I hope that this sparks some creativity and ideas!
Thank You for reading and have fun!


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