What Floridians Talk and Think About When Preparing For A Hurricane: Hurricane Irma 2017

Hurricane Irma!
I am located in Florida as you may notice by my blog's name. 
Everyone is preparing for Irma and Everyone is taking her serious! 

A little disclaimer:
I by no means think that this hurricane is a joke. 
If you are not prepared, take the time because if the projections are right, she will hit hard!
 I am continuously praying for those who have experienced Irma's Fury 
and those who are in her path.

With that said... It's crazy what Floridians do and say when preparing for a Hurricane!

A little background on my situation. In 2004 Florida was hit by
Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.
It was the summer before my senior year. Schools started late because of power outages. We were cautioned not to drive on the roads. It was pretty chaotic, but I was a teenager. We had a Hurricane party. A few local kids came to wait out the storm with us and we even tried to rescue a baby squirrel.
I watched my neighbor's metal awning blow down the street.

Fast Forward to now... 

 I have three small children, just bought our house a little over a year ago (with a huge power pole and equally big tree in the backyard). I literally live three houses down from my childhood home where I experienced my first hurricane. Basically, I grew up and now I am in the position my parents were in!

So moving on. (sometimes I have that.... SQUIRREL...distracted mentality)

I may be a bit of an eavesdropper. Guilty. 

Location: My Local Dollar General
Customer: (Walks in door) "Do you have Batteries?"
Clerk: "No batteries, No bread, No flashlights, No water."
Customer: "Well, that sounds promising."
Me: "But they still have instant coffee!"

Location: In Line at  My Local Walgreens
Woman: (Standing in front of me on her phone) "Hey, should I buy cigarettes now or tomorrow? I don't know what to do!... Yes, I'm at Walgreens."
Woman: (talking to clerk while putting her 4 Gallons of milk and baby food on the counter, while I am thinking about what genius way she plans on keeping them cold when the power goes out.) "How much for a carton?... $60? I will take it!"

Location: In Line at My Local Walgreens (same line)
Woman: (Standing behind me, chatting with another) They got their truck in so all the cashiers are in the back room unloading it. That's why this line is so long!"
Woman 2: I know! There was a line by their back door and as they were unloading the water off the truck, they were bringing it straight out to the people in line. They only had two jugs left. I will come back tomorrow. I am from Jamaica and am used to these situations."


Location: In Line at My Local Ollies 
(yes I was making my rounds)
Woman: (speaking to the man behind her) "This line is nothing! My neighbor went to get gas earlier and when she was finished, she couldn't even move her car! There were so many cars that she was pinned in!"

Location: In Line at My Local 7-11
Woman: "All I hear about is how everyone doesn't have water...Stop complaining! Do you have a water faucet? Yes! Find yourself some containers and go to town!"

My thoughts as I went skimming through the isles of multiple stores looking for random items...

All thoughts...
"What necessity can I not survive without? Coffee!!! Now how do I get coffee if we have no power? Instant coffee!!! Darn I really hate powder coffee creamer... Ooo, but they have Vanilla Carmel. I guess I can try that!"

"Hmmm... What canned food is left with protein? Ok, Kidney Beans. 2 of those to add with the others I have. We can make rice to go with it with no power right? Yep. 
(sees a display box of SPAM with one left)
OK. Protein. $2. Apparently a lot of people are buying it..."
(throws in basket)

(In water section)
"Man there is nothing left! I am so broke right now. Terrible timing hurricane! I can't afford to buy Aquafina. Look there! $0.65 cent 1.5 Liters of water. (grabs all 10) Water check!"

(Staring at woman who is inspecting a rack of rainboots)
"Where is she planning on going during the storm? If it floods, those are useless. They are only shin High. Maybe I should go online and look for those knee high boots or maybe a water suit."

(Sees CAN of BBQ chicken)
"Ewe, That sounds so disgusting!"
(Buys 2 cans)

(Talking to my 6 and 8 year olds)
Me: "I wan't you to come to the store with me so you can see the empty shelves. Get the whole experience!"
A Smarty Pants: "If the shelves are all empty, what are we going to get?"

And Now I will leave you with these... personal texts from my family group chat. As you can see, my Uncle is urging us to prepare in his own special way... ha,ha! Love him!


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