Movie Pass Review: Any Movie, Any Theater, Any Day For $9.95 Per Month...Yeah, But What's The Catch?

You Haven't Heard of Movie Pass?!?!

I have to admit that I had no clue what it was until a little over a month ago.
I am not an avid movie goer. I can't bring myself to spend 
$10+ to sit for a few hours and watch a movie.
 My husband LOVES going to the movie theater and 
asks me to go all the time, for date night.
I usually turn him down with this,

"I want to go on a date, talk, and 
spend time with you. I don't want to just sit and stare at a screen."

Date nights are scarce with three kids, can you blame me?

Well, I may be embracing the movie theater after discovering 
Movie Pass!

My husband surprised me with this. He said,
"Hey Babe! I signed us up for this subscription. It's $9.95 each per month and
we can go see ONE MOVIE A DAY at any theater!"
He was slick, I'm not gonna lie.
He knows I don't like to go to the movies.
My curiosity was sparked and I figured... 
"Why not, He already paid the first month. Let's give it a go!"

He signed up at

It took us 3 weeks to get our card.
When we received it, I got our parents to watch the kids the next night.
I had to try it out. I was skeptical!

Let me describe a bit how it works:

Get your card in the mail
It looks like a credit card, which scared me at first.
I really don't need another one of those plastic traps of financial death!
It is a Mastercard, but on the paperwork sent it explains that 
any funds on the card are not owned by you, 
and are deemed provided by the issuer.

No Activation Required
The card is ready to use. Though you have already paid $9.95 to start the subscription...
your month doesn't actually start until you receive and use your card for the first time!

Download The Movie Pass App
Through the app you can view movie theater locations and movie times. 
To my knowledge you can only view times for the current day.
All of the major movie locations in my area were on the list!

Check Into The Theater Through The App
You have to be within 100 yards of your theater of choice to check in.
We checked in while sitting in the parking lot.
You just have to select the time you want, check in, easy!

Use Your Movie Pass Card To Buy Your Ticket 
You have 30 min after checking in to buy your ticket.
I believe you need to buy it at the kiosk, I may be wrong on this detail.
After check-in the company loads money on your card 
and you use it like a regular credit card to purchase your ticket.

Go See That Movie!
Now you have a ticket and go see your movie!!!

My husband and I were so impressed with how easy and smooth it was to use.
It sounded a bit complicated at first, but now that we have done it once, 
we understand how it works!

We went and saw the movie "IT" , which is the stem of all my husbands childhood fears. 
He hates clowns so much! That is his "type" of scary movie. 
It wad funny seeing him so concerned during the movie. 

My overall impression of the Movie Pass is...
Our tickets cost $12.51 each and it was covered completely by the Movie Pass!
One movie paid for this monthly subscription!

I will keep you updated if my experience changes, however, right now it is great. 
I highly recommend this to everyone!


What seemed to be too good to be true, was too good to be true!
My family cancelled Movie Pass for a few reasons.
The rules of the Movie Pass kept changing.
Things like changing the amount of movies you could see, 
not being able to see a movie more than once, and the simple fact that the company is not doing well were my top reasons. 
It was fun while it lasted, and while maybe the new guidelines for Movie Pass may still be a money saver, it is not what I signed up for. 
What I once would highly recommend, now I would say... 
don't even bother.