Sip Wine, Make Money, Repeat #MomLife

Sip Wine, Make Money, Repeat #MomLife!

At the beginning of the year this was my goal: 
1.Find something I like to do. 
2.Find something I can do at home. 
3.Find something that would make enough income for me to enjoy      the finer things in life (or at least some good things!)

Selling things online...sounded like a good plan!

"I'm going to sell vintage items and clothing!"

If any of you have seen the show "Boss Girl" that's what I envisioned. Without the drama, of course.
I soon found that coming across decent vintage items in my area
is a challenge!

I Love Shopping!
Shopping with my 2 year old, however...not so much.

I tried going to all the thrift stores in my area. 
Once you scour them once, you either have to go back everyday to see what they have or go back in a few weeks risking that someone had scooped up all the good stuff!

It's tricky when you are with a toddler 
who loves to hide in the clothes and run down the isles! 
The same toddler that throws a tantrum when I take away the toy that I give her, "just to hold", while I browse.

I soon found online consignment websites to supplement my thrifting.

I can sit in bed and shop online and even use coupons!
Sometimes I get free shipping and I am paying less than I would for similar items in a thrift store! 

Pretty awesome!
I even have a cup of coffee or wine while I do it... Even better!

I have many sources for the items that I sell, but that is my favorite! Easy and from home!

So back to my initial goals!

#1 find something I like...Check!

#2 do it from home...Check!

Now for the income part. 
There is so much that goes into selling online. 
Fees up the wazoo!

Finding the right website to sell on was tricky and I am still trying to decide which one is best for me. Most of my income has come from ebay, but I love the social aspect of Poshmark!

I use social media to my advantage as well.
I never really was into twitter, but you better believe that I tweet about every item I sell!
I wouldn't call my online business a wild success, but I have been able to supplement my husbands income, while being at home with my little ones!

#3 income... check!

I am enjoying what I do and have been treating it like my job. I like working for myself!
My 8 year old told me that she liked it better
when I didn't work... lol! 
She must not remember the 35+ hours a week I would work for a bit above minimum wage, with only one holiday off! 
Not going back to that anytime soon. 
Now is time for me to make some higher goals and reach them!
I'm now starting to look into owning a boutique and shopping wholesale...very exciting! 

UPDATE: I have done away with my ebay store and now am enjoying selling on Poshmark!



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