Government Regulation of Money Trees

Photo by My Art Photography  Boston, Massachusetts 

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees"
Everyone has heard this expression. It most likely came out of the mouth of your parent while you were asking for that thing you didn't really need, but really wanted.
While the previous election was going on, all I had on my mind was politics. 
(Which, I believe, is a good thing)
My mind tends to wander especially when I fill it with extra information from research I've done on party views and future presidents, etc.
I posted this to Facebook and thought it was fairly clever and thought I would share it with you.

I really wish money grew on trees. Even though if it did the government would probably make it illegal to grow said tree. Then they would let states vote on if it's ok for this tree to be grown and regulate how many a person can have in their possession. The rich would get monitored to see if they have secret money trees and someone would get arrested for having an orchard of money trees. Someone would create a hybrid money tree that combines our money with other countries and produces one world currency. This being a sign of the end of the world, the world would end. Thanks politics, science, and religion for killing my dream of money growing on trees.

As you can see... Wandering mind. 

The school year is beginning for my kids which means I still don't have time for anything because I still have a toddler. 
Power to the moms who don't actually get a break when their kids go back to school!
I plan on writing more for Millennial Mom Florida.
I also sell things. Things that interest me, lots of clothing as well, online. 
I will from time to time share some of these items here. 
However, this is not a shopping blog or a fashion blog... it is a ME blog.

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