Confessions of a Female Nerd #2: I Heart Zombies!


I'm trying to think of my first experience with zombies.
For as long as I can remember I loved Special effects makeup. 
Almost every Halloween I was a 'Dead' something.
  • Dead Cheerleader
  • Dead Bride (I won an award in elementary school for that one)
  • Dead Person aka zombie.

I never did the skimpy Halloween costumes.
I always had a gnarly gash or two.
Liquid latex, toilet paper, and corn syrup with red food coloring were my go to supplies!
(Maybe there will be a tutorial for that one coming soon!)

Fast forward to 20 years old. Two words...
Resident Evil

Not the movies... the original video game.
You know, the one in the mansion made in 1996.
It was so fun, cheesy, and a bit scary.
My husband and I used to play in our apartment on our plasma T.V.

No kids and lots of spare time!

Most of the time I would watch my husband play.
I will admit, I have never been skilled with video games,
unless it is Pack-Man, Peggle, or Tetris!

That was just the beginning. Then came all the movies!

Some of my favorite Pre-"The Walking Dead" movies are:

Resident Evil- 2002
28 Days Later- 2002
Resident Evil: Apocalypse- 2004
Shaun of the Dead- 2004
Dawn of the Dead- 2004 (remake)
28 Weeks Later- 2007
Resident Evil: Extinction- 2007
I am Legend- 2007
Day of the Dead- 2008 (remake)
Zombieland- 2009

My favorite Post "The Walking Dead" movies are:

World War Z- 2013
Warm Bodies- 2013
Maggie- 2015
at this point I gave up on Resident Evil movies and spent most of my time on TWD...

I know I missed a bunch, but that just gives you an idea of what I'm talking about.
Some may think Zombies are evil and why would a mother of 3 be so interested?
Think of all those people who had to sit through hours of makeup everyday and the awesome artists who created the zombies. It's really amazing!
I like to look at the different type of zombies that people come up with.

  • The zombies that die and come back to life and eat human flesh. (Regular Zombie)
  • The zombies who travel in hoards
  • The super fast running zombies
  • The crawling zombies who attack below the knee
  • The zombies that were infected with a virus
  • The zombies that were created in a lab
  • and all the other types I'm sure I forgot!

Now for "The Walking Dead"... I love it!
No type of person is excluded from being a zombie in this show!
Zombies are every age, size, and ethnicity. And the makeup is always amazing!
I always enjoy seeing all the different type of zombies they come up with, not to mention all of the different ways to kill them. Sounds terrible, but every time I watch the show there is a new demise for those poor zombies!
I love that almost every colony the main characters come into contact with,
 have a different name for the Zombies.
Just to name a few:
-Skin Eater

That show is just good! I will throw "Fear of the Walking Dead" into the mix of good shows as well.

I guess what I am trying to say is...
I am a mom of 3, 30 years old, and I am borderline obsessed with Zombies/ Zombie makeup!

Take my list of movies as my suggestions or a starting place for zombie research! There is so much zombie stuff out there!

Confessions of a female nerd #3 in the works... stay tuned!