Confessions of a Female Nerd #1: The Super Power Debate

"If you could have any super power what would it be?"

This question has plagued the mind of many nerds 
and just plain humans for generations!
You don't have to be "nerdy" to think that super powers are super awesome!
At least that's what I have always told myself!

My husband informed me that I have not always been a nerd, 
however all of a sudden things started to shift and I am 
just past the transition period. Ha,ha! He is funny and kinda right.
However, the question of the ultimate super power has ALWAYS been in our discussions!
I will tell you my dream power,
 but first 
I will begin with something I think everyone should knows...

Flying is a cop-out!

Of coarse it's cool, but this subject deserves more thought. 
Let's just assume that we are in a universe where everyone flies. 
Flying is no longer special! Now you are free to move on.

While choosing mine I thought about my favorite characters and their powers. 
You can choose yours based on a movie you have seen, 
or a comic you have read. 
There are so many sources for "power" ideas! 
Even Greek Mythology could be used as a source.

Mine Came from the Batman and X-men movies.
Don't worry... I do realize these characters were in comics first.
The way things went with me... watch the movies, then read the comics. 
I guess I'm not a purist when it comes to this, but hey, that's my journey! 

The loves of my super-powered life:

Poison Ivy 
Kiss of death... yes please!
Awesome plant powers... pretty cool.

Shape-shifting...again, yes please!

If I could have any super power it would be shape-shifting combined with the kiss of death as a secondary power!

I've always loved Ivy's kiss of death. First Kiss, you die...Second Kiss is the antidote! I think it is better as a secondary power. Shape-shifting is so cool though! That would be my main power.
There are really no rules... I combined my favorites!

If you have not chosen your favorite super power, what are you waiting for? 
All you nerds out there, I'm not talking to you because I know you have already pinned it down. 

Let me know what yours is in the comments and why!
I haven't ran into too many people that had the same ideal power.
 I'm interested to know what is out there.

Stay tuned for more Confessions of a Female Nerd! Next I will address a very important subject...


  1. For me it would have to be a mix of teleportation and ice all had to do with x-men too and the baddassery that is the opening night crawler bamf scene...if you haven't seen it. Look it up. :)


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