Let Me Introduce Myself!

Aahheemm! Excuse Me! Let me introduce myself. My name is Mylissa, your typical stay at home mom. This is a small part of my life's story. More specifically, 

the beginning of my Millennial life.

I was picking up my middle child from preschool about a year ago and was talking to two parents who also walked their children to school. We were talking about the food that we feed our children. The dad in this conversation made his kids humus and tried for the more natural approach. (I wish my kids enjoyed humus like I do, but that's besides the point.) The other mom made a comment that racked my brain. She expressed that, as Millennials, we didn't know what to pick up at the grocery store because we grew up eating food out of a box. She grouped me into the "Millennials".

That can't be right... I'm not a Millennial. 

Millennials are those entitled young hipsters who like to listen to coffee shop music and sip their lattes while discussing politics, right? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
When I got home I did what I do best. I Googled the word Millennial. "1. a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century." OK. I had honestly never really thought about what Generation I was in. I turned to Wikipedia. "Millennials (also known as Generation Y)...blah blah blah...early 1980's as starting birth years...blah blah blah...to early 2000s as ending birth years." I was born in 1987.  

Oh crap, I am a Millennial!

At first I fought the facts. "Millennial" is such a trendy term. I heard somewhere that Millennials were lazy and relied on their parents to get jobs. I will not conform and be part of this group. (Well, I guess that shows my Millennial mentality.) Then I got to thinking, "Generation X definitely shows pride in their Generation grouping as do the Baby Boomers and other generations". I decided to embrace it. Now I sit sipping my latte while listening to coffee shop music! Just kidding, I have always done that. Really nothing changed besides my awareness of the group I have been born into. 

Being a Millennial isn't that bad after all.

The truth is I am just a young mother raising three beautiful daughters in a world where technology is a huge part of our lives. I can honestly say that this past year of consciously being a Millennial has been, well, the same as it was. Nothing in me has changed. My eyes have been opened to the community of people who enjoy and experience the same things I do. The internet is my friend and I love expressing my likes and dislikes to a multitude of people. So, that is my introduction.  

I am a Millennial Mom.