Kids Are So Creepy!

Please tell me I am not alone in thinking this.
Kids can be so creepy!
I know I have some explaining to do. 

You have all seen the movie "The Ring" that came out in 2002, Right? If you haven't and plan on having kids, just don't. Do Not Watch This Movie! If you have a girl or even a boy with long hair, and you watch this movie you will be subjecting yourself to many, MANY, creepy nights! Here's a preview...

Wow. Scary stuff. Doesn't help that the girl in the picture just Spidermaned it up a well and is about to crawl out of your television like the girl from The Exorcist! 

Anyway, this is what I see a couple times a month when my 8 year old deliriously, like a silent ninja, appears by my bedside in the middle of the night. Not just next to me, but in the perfect position for me to open my eyes and have this image directly in my face. She doesn't even make a noise. She just waits until I sense her presence, crack my eyes open, and then completely Flip Out. And by flip out I mean freaking out on the inside because I know that if I scream, I will scare the bleep out of everyone in the room.

But wait, there's more!

My lovely middle child is not going to be excluded from this! Now I have to admit, she has the most active imagination! Poor baby has nightmares all the time. My husband and I may have caused some of this. Not a shining moment in our parenting careers.
When she was about 3 my husband and I thought it would be funny to bring our little ones into the Spirit Halloween store. They had a new display. 

A broken-faced porcelain doll that "walks" around and plays hide and seek. 
Oh yeah, it had glowing eyes too. 

Yep, That's the one! 

Well, it was the perfect height to be eye to eye with my little middle baby. As she remembers, it came after her, she jumped in her sister's arms and her sister saved her! She has been scared of anything even remotely spooky ever since. I accidently said the word monster before bed one time and we almost didn't recover!
Sorry, trying to keep on track. Have you ever heard of that song "Talking in Your Sleep" by The Romantics?  
Well my girl talks in her sleep and it is scary!

Don't get me wrong, we have had some laughs associated with this as well, but hearing someone whispering in the middle of the night is not OK! It is also not alright to make a noise, wait for your mother to come in to investigate, be silent and still, then suddenly yell in some foreign sleeping kid language! I don't watch too many scary movies now since I have had kids. The thought of watching a scary movie and then going to bed, just to be woken up by real life spooks in your house...NOPE not for me.

So there is my proof to the fact that kids can be really creepy!
The truth is that it's just a small part of the big roll I play as a parent. My kids are my world and if they scare the heck out of me every now and then. I guess it's ok with me. Just as long as it 
doesn't happen ever again!


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