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A Mom's Dream... Grocery Delivery and Pick Up!

Let me begin with a story...
     I was 18 years old and got hired at my first full time job working for Walgreens. The manager at the time was very customer oriented, to an extreme. He had a specific customer that would call into the store and give him a list of items they wanted. As soon as he collected and rang up all of the items, my manager would take their card information over the phone and complete the transaction. Sometimes this customer would pick up the items and sometimes my manager would drop them off at their home. I thought this was a bit much, but the customer was disabled and my manager had a big heart, so he just did it for them. This was about 14 years ago, and Walgreens has never offered a service like this. So don't go trying to get a personal shopper at your local Walgreens because it is not going to happen!

     However, Something AMAZING has happened over the past couple years... 

Online Ordering for groceries!!!      Never have I ever... heard a mother of smal…

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