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How to Host Your First Poshmark Party Like A Boss!

So you applied to be a Poshmark Party Host and you FINALLY received an email asking if a specific date works for you! I am assuming that you have responded with an enthusiastic YES and now you are IN! Now what?
I have had the privilege to host two Poshmark Parties! There are many ways to go about hosting a Poshmark party, but I want to share an in depth guide to...
Hosting a Poshmark Party Like A BOSS!

I am writing this assuming that you already know the basic terminology for Poshmark. Feel free to comment below with any questions! AND NOW HERE WE GO!
Step 1: Create a New Listing for your future Party! This is simple! Create a Listing with an eye-catching graphic to tell everyone that you will be hosting a Poshmark Party! (I use an app called Pic Collage to create amazing Listings!) Include the date and let people know that the theme is TBD (To Be Determined). 

Ask people to Like, Share, and Tag their friends on that listing to help you celebrate! I price my Listing super high (Like $999,99…

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